Why Maternity Photography?
  • Why Maternity Photography?

Why not maternity photography? Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life, you’ve heard the heartbeat seen the sonogram now record forever the fine art of pregnancy photography.

During other milestones of your life, like graduations, engagement, and wedding/marriage it's common to have professional photographs taken to commemorate the experience.  It only natural to include your maternity in pictures as well.  Besides, you will never look more alive than when you are pregnant. The hormone changes in your body will make your complexion glow; there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman.

  • When to have your Maternity Photography taken?

The whole point of maternity photography is to capture the "bump" when your belly is sufficiently big enough to remember, between 30-36 weeks. Contact us before you are 36 weeks to set up a consultation.

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If you are 36+ weeks call asap or you might miss the opportunity to preserve this special time of your life.


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  • What to Expect from your Maternity Photography Session?

We understand you are not a professional model and will need guidance throughout your session, that’s part of our job, we guide you with photos and one on one demonstration of body posturing.  The more natural you look, the better the photos will turn out.

Our extensive maternity wardrobe is available for your use, you can dress up or dress down.  You may opt to have our fine art semi-nude or nude shots taken.  Our team consists of only ladies making this experience effortless and comfortable.

Luxurious sets can be created using our fine line of vintage love seats, chaise lounges, chairs, floor to ceiling sweeping drapes and don’t forget the crystal chandelier.

Answering the question “How much is a maternity photography session?” Is like asking how much is dinner at a fine restaurant?”  The answer is it’s all up to you.  There is a nominal session fee, as outlined above: Next, you may choose how little or how much you would like to budget for prints, canvases, wall art or other items.  Your investment can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.  Bellies~n~Babies offers print packages to meet everyone’s objectives and budget so you are sure to walk away from your time spent with wonderful images that you will treasure for years to come as your own personal works of art. There is no minimum purchase required.

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