In this day of "everyone is a photographer", it's very important that you research details about the photographer that will be handling your precious newborn.  


  • How long has your photographer been in business?  How long has he/she been working with newborns?  Bellies n Babies is a division of TYE Studios we have been in business since 2006.  We share the sensitivity, experience, and creativity as an all-female team.
  • Does the price match the skill level? We can't tell you how many emails, phone calls or conversations we have had with people who have had horrible, sad stories of how they entrusted a friend, relative or amateur to photograph this special event and how many images were lost, poorly exposed or just plain bad due to amateur incompetence.  With the day of the digital revolution, there are many inexperienced amateurs without the knowledge or the appropriate equipment back up doing "business".   Ensure that you do not fall prey to this, this is why it's extremely important to entrust a professional with your priceless memories.  If your photographer is cheap, more then likely they are a "hobbyist or amateur" not a seasoned professional with a legitimate business or studio.   Choose a professional
  • Safety!  Our first concern is your baby's safety and comfort.  In recent years there have been reports of photographers causing dislocation of baby's shoulders due to forcing babies into unsafe positions, the flexibility of each baby is different, we have even heard of inexperienced photographers dropping babies!  Newborn safety and experience are crucial, trust the experienced professionals at Bellies n Babies.


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