"Gods Masterpiece" is Exclusive to Bellies n Babies


Our selected pieces are old growth Cypress remanents logged back in the 1800's Each piece selected for our "God's Masterpiece" collection reflects both the magnificence of the wood and the splendor of your newborn.

What make's this old growth wood so unique is not only the age (500-1500 years old) but the rarity of it.  Cypress is one of the few remaining prehistoric trees on the American continent and is referred to as one of the oldest living things on earth. 

Only a few of the old growth giants survived the massive logging beginning in the late 1700’s through 1930”. Federal Law has put both the Giant Sequoia and Bald Cypress on the Protected listings. 

Our cypress is hand-picked, pressure cleaned to remove moss, mud, and silt and then laid out to dry.  The mission of the artisans is to rediscover and uncover the natural beauty of this old antique cypress by using only organic techniques hand sanders, wire wheels, and burnishing.


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